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smithjackson - 9/9/2010 9:37 PM
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JCSTAug - 9/2/2010 12:40 PM
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Concerned that Alexander Snitker - US Senate 2010 candidate is not getting air time like the other candidates such as Rubio and Crist. http://www.snitker2010.com This is unfair and all candidates should be included in debates and conversations about the election to provide a complete story to viewers.

stpmtch44 - 1/20/2009 10:51 PM
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I had a problem signing up to re-vote. They stated my vote may not count because they had supposedly sent something to an address at a home I lived in 10 years ago that burnt down, and because I didn't reply (it wasn't forwarded), They took me of the list to vote. Thats BS if you ask me. Many people I spoke with had simular problems that couldn't be solved before the night the votes were in.

joshulah - 1/19/2009 11:11 AM
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i joshulah and the people or jax want to see the inauguration on the real big screen at the alltel stadum is it possible it is a nice day

barrelbabe230 - 1/15/2009 7:32 PM
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I voted Obama, but during a time of war we do not need to be spending 35 million dollers on a inauguration. and to top that, the banks are the onces paying for it, didnt we just bail them out? i didnt vote for bush, but he only spent 1/8th of the money for in secound inauguration becuase it is a time of war, and our economy. I hope this isnt a sign for the feature.

kjordan - 11/5/2008 2:34 PM
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I don't feel that he should've won. At this diffucult time in this economy when the Black People seen that a man of color was running for the position in the White House the automatically registered to vote. People that have never registered to vote until now. It's just funny how they only voted for Senator Obama because of the color of his skin. I gurantee you that you could ask the black people why they voted for him and they only thing that they can tell you is because we need "CHANGE," but they can't tell you one thing that he stated that he would change in this economy. It's done and over with now and we just have to live with it. I just wanted to share my opinion and how I felt on this. Thank You.

qman1 - 11/4/2008 7:34 AM
1 Vote
i think this is one the biggest debates in history, we don't choose obama just because he's an african american it's because we need change in the world.think the ppl that make over 250 thousande dollars a year really don't car for the taxe increase on them in fact.it's pretty modest on them only like 5 thousand out of 250 thousand.while the middle class citizens like us don't hav to pay as much.i'm 15 years old and i no the good that obama brings.rigth now we are all in an economic crisis.we all need to work for a change in the world a change for a good economy a change for the health of the world.mc cain isn't it more and more drilling may work for now but not forever we'll be using our main source in alska up.oil prices will be going up anyway in my opinion i beilive change can grown through obama we need another democrate in office.
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