Jim Beam introduces $35 decanter that will speak to you in a Kentucky accent for six months

By: Bob D Angelo, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


There’s nothing like sipping bourbon and having a nice conversation. Now, Jim Beam is giving its fans a drinking companion -- sort of.

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The company joined the in-home smart device world by unveiling an artificially intelligent bourbon decanter called “Jim,” USA Today reported. 

Jim is not the same as an Amazon Echo or a Google Home, but it does answer questions about bourbon and can even pour a shot upon request, USA Today reported.

The voice of the decanter is seventh generation master distiller Fred Noe, who speaks with a distinctive Kentucky accent. 

The smart decanter operates using 3G, USA Today reported. No app or Wi-Fi is required. But, the plan is only set up for six months. So, after awhile, Jim will just be a decanter. 

The devices cost $34.90 and went on sale at 9 a.m. Wednesday. They sold out in less than two hours, company spokeswoman Molly Cournoyer said. She said more will be on sale Friday morning.

There's a limit of one device per customer. They can be bought on the Jim Beam website

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