• Hurricane Irma updates: Nassau County road closures, power outage update


    Nassau County officials announced more road closures as crews assess damage from Hurricane Irma.

    The curfew is no longer in effect in Nassau County and school will not resume on Wednesday.

    Power at schools is the determining factor for Thursday, officials said.

    Baptist Medical Center Nassau has reopened for all services with the exception of elective surgeries. 

    Two shelters remain open; Callahan Middle School, which currently houses 30 people, and Hilliard Middle-Senior, which has 62 occupants as of 3 p.m.

    Emergency Management officials are working to open a transition shelter for those that still need temporary housing. 

    Officials said power outages are still a major concern and power to Amelia Island is still out. There are almost 11,000 customers without power.

    FPL has made significant progress in restoring power to parts of the county west of the ICW.

    FPL has reduced outage numbers from more than 20,000 Monday to almost half that number today.

    FPL said it hopes to continue a rapid restoration in Nassau County the rest of this week.

    Beginning at 3 p.m. Tuesday, the Emergency Operations Center will provide free water for residents to pick up from the Callahan Fairgrounds.

    Officials are warning of contractors who take deposits before starting work or who take final payment before finishing a job.

    They are warning people to be cautious of repair businesses or individuals who solicit door-to-door, arrive in unmarked vehicles, have a post office box or temporary address, claim they are from another county or state and are in the area solely to help disaster victims or claim that they were doing work in the area and noticed that your home or business needed repair. 

    Road closures: 

    • America Lane - Tree down in power lines at Old Baldwin Road
    • Bulford Road - Washed out/impassable
    • Musslewhite Road - Mills Creek Bridge underwater
    • David Hunt Road - Washed out/impassable
    • Parmenter Road - Washed out/impassable
    • Hamp Hicks Road - Washed out/impassable
    • Eastwood Drive - Driveway washed out at 2849
    • Owens Farm Road - Washed out/impassable
    • Fouraker Road - Tree down blocking road and driveway
    • Thomas Road - Tree down on line and blocking 3/4 of road
    • Rowe Road - Power line down at Sheard Stokes
    • Conner Road - Washed out/impassable
    • By Pass Road - Under water/impassable
    • Zidell Road - Under water/impassable
    • Kolars Ferry Road - Water standing/impassable
    • Conner Cutoff Road - Water standing/impassable
    • Stokes Road - Bridge under water at St. Marys River
    • Stratton Road - Tree on line
    • Jewel Thomas - Impassable at end of road
    • Boyd Lane - Tree down on power line/passable
    • Carroll Road - Washed out/impassable
    • Fouracre Circle - Under water/impassable
    • Dyal Road - Impassable/tree across road at end, road under water near US 1
    • Lee Stoner Road - From curve to end under water/impassable
    • Wrights Dairy Road - Under water and tree on power lines
    • Holiday Drive - Low hanging line at entrance of the road
    • Pratt Siding Road - Under water at Wedgewood Way
    • Mulberry Landing Annex - Washed out/impassable
    • PineRidge Road - Power line down
    • VanZant Road - Under water
    • Haddock Road - Power line down near 48151
    • Middle Road - Under water at Haddock
    • Freedom Drive - Impassable

    Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport is closed until further notice.

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