• Nassau County homeowners fear coyotes are killing pets

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax


    Neighbors are sending out a warning for people to keep an eye on young children and pets after several coyote sightings.

    A picture of a coyote was taken from surveillance cameras outside of the Fairbanks house in Fernandina Beach. 

    “To have them come this far from that natural setting was a little surprising to all of us,” Theresa Hamilton said. 

    Hamilton said her neighbor’s cat had been eaten by coyotes.

    “A cat just a few doors up the street had been taken and they were after another one,” Hamilton said. 

    Her neighbor saw it happen and said there was a pack of coyotes. 

    “When you’re talking about hunting in packs, you’re talking about 'Jurassic Park,'” Hamilton said. 

    David Sutton said he and his wife spotted coyotes on Citrona Drive.

    Since they saw the coyotes during the day, at first, they thought they were just dogs.

    “It makes you realize they don’t have fear like you would think a coyote would have,” Sutton said. 

    With three cats still missing for about two weeks, Brenda Brubeck said she believes they were killed. 

    “It’s got to have been a coyote because they disappear at night and we don’t see anything else,” Brubeck said. 

    FWC advises if you see a coyote, make loud noises or spray water toward it to get it to leave. 

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