• Neighbors in Brunswick say kids are throwing rocks, branches at oncoming cars

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax

    BRUNSWICK, Ga. -

    Nearly a dozen cars now have damage in a local community.

    Neighbors said kids are throwing rocks and sticks at their vehicles on a causeway in Brunswick.

    Those neighbors said that this has been going on for the past week.

    "It's becoming an ongoing problem," neighbor Jared Goff said. 

    Within the past week, Goff said, at least eight vehicles have been damaged by rocks or sticks thrown at their cars.

    "Right now vehicles are getting hurt. Luckily, nobody has been hurt, but it's only a matter of time," Goff said. 

    Scratches and dents now mark his family’s SUV. 

    "We thought we ran over something. We were unaware it was an object thrown at us," Goff said. 

    Because of that, he said, he swerved into the other lane on Oak Grove Road.

    "Luckily there was no one coming that way at that time. If there was, it would have been a head-pon collision," Goff said. 

    Goff said that after his SUV was struck, he posted in his neighborhood’s NextDoor app and his neighbors said the same thing happened to them.

    They said that kids have been spotted throwing rocks and branches at oncoming traffic. 

    One person said a piece of wood hit her car and someone else said rocks were thrown at his car, denting the side.

    "It just needs to stop. Awareness is what I’m looking for," Goff said. 

    Action News Jax reached out to police for the reports and were told we would get them next week. 

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