• St. Johns County residents say their puppies are being snatched out of their yards

    By: Amber Krycka , Action News Jax

    ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -

    Local families are desperate to find their puppies they say were stolen right from their yards.

    St. Johns County deputies say they are looking into two cases and dozens of other reports of someone trying to lure dogs into cars.

    “It’s like missing a kid,” Sarah Cheshire said.

    Cheshire said someone took her 15-week-old Victorian bulldog, Moose. She said Moose was in a locked and secured kennel outside her home off Vogel Road with her two other dogs. 

    “Unless somebody came up here and undid this, there’s no way he could’ve got out by himself,” she said.

    When she came home, two of the dogs were by the front door and Moose was nowhere to be found. 

    “We walked in the woods, we go neighbor to neighbor, we looked and we looked,” Cheshire said. 

    Her family is spreading the word, passing out flyers, doing all they can to get Moose back. 

    “I just want whoever took him to bring him home,” she said. 

    About 8 miles away, another family said their 3-month-old Rottweiler, Maui, was taken from their neighborhood off Bronson Parkway. 

    “You don’t want your pets stolen, especially right out of your front yard, where they are supposed to be safe,” said Sandra Cumbo, who says her two-and-a half-month old Great Dane, Bristol, was almost taken from her front yard. 

    She said two men in a gold SUV pulled up and yelled at Bristol, “come here puppy, come here puppy.” As the puppy walked that way, her other dog, started barking, which grabbed her husband’s attention. 

    “He started barking and he ran up to the car, and the guy closed the door. They pretty much took off after Brandon came out,” she said.

    Deputies say there are dozens of people on social media sharing similar stories like Cumbo’s and they are reaching out, trying to get more information to put a stop these pet thieves. 

    “They are very sneaky. They are, and it’s sick,” Cheshire said. 

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